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Welcome to the Bigger Picture Society.

Bigger Picture Society is a collection of Youtube videos and lectures of great value, which will, in a not so distant future, be replaced with my videos. Videos are chosen to present a simplified world view I have adopted after six years of self-education. This is the pillar of my understanding of the world at this point in time. As I will gather more knowledge, ideas will shift, adopt, change, and morph. This is a natural extension of a self-educating process, and I love it. It allows you to be an explorer of life and a sage of the future.

Concepts are gathered in three main topics. Electric Universe, Ancient History, and Society.

Electric Universe

  • Electric sun
  • Birkeland currents
  • Structured atom model
  • Galaxy formation
  • Star formation
  • Electric scarring of planets
  • Plasma
  • Electromagnetic interactions between planets
  • Gravity as a local force
  • Fourth state of water
  • Plasmoid
  • Intrinsic redshift
  • Stable universe
  • Crater formation
  • Comet formation
  • Global cooling
  • And much more...

Spiral Dynamics

  • 8 stages of Spiral Dynamics model
  • Stage progression
  • Healthy and unhealthy stage manifestations
  • Cultural wars
  • Individualism vs. collectivism
  • Military-industrial complex
  • 21 trillions of missing money
  • Unacknowledged projects
  • Debt model
  • War model
  • Hidden history
  • more...

Ancient History

  • Proto-Saturnian Configuration
  • Origin of ancient myths
  • Origin of petroglyphs
  • Origin of religions
  • Death of dinosaurs
  • Ancient civilizations
  • more...

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It doesn’t matter if you have only 15 minutes of spare time on the way to work or an hour before bed. You can log in and learn as long as you’re connected to the internet. If something grabs your attention in the meantime, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

Each section has several videos and holds nothing back. You will learn things that you can use immediately. Since there are multiple videos to learn from, you can watch as many as you want – as many times as you like.


The internet has changed education forever. We communicate and learn at a pace faster than any other time in history. While the rest of the world relies on traditional education only, you can pursue self-education that gets you ahead of others.

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I’ve got your back. Here’s what people regularly ask – and how I respond.

What will Bigger Picture Society teach me?

Bigger Picture Society focuses on three main pillars of my understanding of the world: Electric Universe (nature), Ancient History, and Society. At this time, I am focusing on finding the limits of our understanding and present it in a simple way to the world. You will learn new paradigms that can be used to navigate this ever-changing world, make better decisions, and build a life you deserve. 

Is Bigger Picture Society a replacement for college?

Not at all. It’s more like a supplement. Because the lessons require less time and no money, you can learn while attending college.